"We aim to provide our customers with tested products and the best customer service in the business".

Love 2 Pedal UK is bicycle accessories company based right on the south downs, we aim to provide our customers with tested products and the best customer service we can offer, All products have been field tested by our team riders and staff so everything has a love 2 pedal uk guarantee.

Love 2 pedal UK is a small family run company which has over 40 years of bicycle experience, from all aspects of cycling. In the early 90’s cross-country racing which lead to downhill and now enduro, and with doing all these different aspects its made us see what people like and want from a good quality product.


All Love 2 Pedal UK branded products come with a full 12 months warranty from date of purchase.


I have a larger action camera case that fits a lot of my bigger accessories in as well as the camera itself, but this one just fits a GoPro or similar sized action camera & nothing else, bar a cable or 2…. which is handy because sometimes I do still want to protect my action camera, but I don’t want to lug a big case around me.

I like the bright red colour as it stands out & would be easy to find when in a bag.

A GoPro fits in it perfectly. I also tried it with my Kitvision Escape action camera & that zips up & fits just as well. This hard shell case holds the camera snugly, protecting it from any knocks & bumps. It’ll also protect the camera from any nasty weather – rain, snow etc. The inner of the case is soft to help protect from scratches. The plastic GoPro spanner is handy, too.

Vera P
GoPro Case

Love2PedalUK® GoPro Case Action Camera Hard Case + Spanner
I am still waiting for my go pro cam to turn up, but I do like this hard case from Love2Pedal, it is pre shaped to take the camera so no slopping about when it is inside. The outer is very tough and feels quite hard so will give more than enough protection from knocks and bumps should they happen and has a nice soft lining inside to prevent scratches too. I do like the idea of it having the spare spanner with the strap as it means even if you miss place the main one you will not be stuck. Yet again another quality product from Love2Pedal
I got this item at a reduced price in exchange for a honest and un biased review, which I will give on every one I do, no matter what the cost etc. I spend a lot of time testing the things I buy and like to keep to not only a good standard but also a honest one, so the star ratings I give are what I rate them at personally and from my own experience

The Laird
GoPro Case

I ordered two of these one for my sons bike and one for mine. The product is well made and easy to fit, I ordered these knowing that both handlebars were smaller diameter than the stated size they would fit but with an old handlebar grip cut down they fitted perfectly.

GoPro Mount

Excellent product, is far more robust than some of the plastic mounts you seem to be able to buy. My son tried it with his camera and was very pleased with the build quality and how solidly the camera was held.

GoPro Mount

Works, attaches easily to handle bars and allowed me to use my Go Pro whilst out cycling today

Amazon Customer
GoPro Mount

A decent designed piece of kit, supplied with the right size allen key. Although the securing bolt is staying on the workbench as it has been replaced by GoPro’s own hand tightening bolt. Very secure once on the bike, nice finish, good rubber protection strips underneath (which on carbon bars is a must). Would recommend the product. Only downside is the fins are a little rough on the inside of the mount.

TH Media
GoPro Mount

I make promotional videos for the amusement industry which typically means filming on lots of roller coasters, naturally this makes me a heavy GoPro user. I’ve got through a lot of the plastic roll bar mounts in the process of securing the camera to lap bars. I already own one metal roll bar mount, but having more than one GoPro meant I needed to get another so that I could secure both cameras at the same time.

Coaster Touring
GoPro Mount

I bought these as I’ve been looking for a different colour tubeless valve to match my bike, I’m so impressed with the valves i feel they are just as good as the Stans no tubes i have on my other bike, and came complete with a core removal wish was a lot easier to add the fluid than i thought, so great value and well made highly recommended product.

Tubeless Valves

Great valves and can’t tell any difference in quality when compared to the Stans valves I have used in the past. Great value.

Mr Kris Hilder
Tubeless Valves

These are fabulous, I attached them to my bike in seconds, not minutes. They can easily be removed but even after I left one switched on for a few hours, no one had stolen them. Much brighter than my traditional lights put on when I bought my bike and being LEDs I know they will last longer. I’ve also a taken one off to stick to my handbag to aid visibility walking home late at night (from the pub!) when I can’t use my bike.

Debbie Jones
Duel Safety Lights

Really impressed with this mudguard. Basically prevents the mud and water from being flung forward and upward which at speed is then usually blown back into your face. Less mud and water in face = more speed and confidence in the wet. Very happy and will be getting one for each of my bikes.

Front Mudguard

This is great! It fits my bike as if it was always supposed to be there. And I keep finding myself just looking at it and enjoying the artwork.. Can’t help it, I like pretty things.
It is also functional. This design works. It’s a brilliant idea and I’m so glad they pay attention to detail so much.

Front Mudguard

Went on a ride on the DH trail in local woods last night and along with a bar mounted light was more than good enough! Excellent stuff.


As a lot of buyers are saying this is a a superb light. It’s all you will really need on most trail’s. I think the 1000 lumens claimed output is about right but it’s more about the balance of spread and penetration that makes it so good. It really is tiny, a fraction of the size & weight of my old Hope HID. Build quality looks top notch to. Run time looks good but I have only done two hours on full so far and still ok. I think this is the bargain light of the year. I will be using it as my main light in the Relentless 24hr race at the end of the month it’s that good.


Great little light, makes a great light to be mounted to helmet which is why I have bought it. It’s small and lightweight Very bright and battery life is good. Great value for money.


Superbright and ideal for night time cycling particularly off road in unlit areas. My only qualms are that it has no flash modes which may have been beneficial in the not so bright modes but other than that it’s a thumbs up from me.